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Abhayan M brings one of the most energetic, loyal and fearless faces that ever crossed our pathways. Although, Abhayan studied Social Sciences as a formal subject what should be importantly spoken here are his experiments to transform such social theories in real lives. Abhayan's dynamic leadership qualities, organizational skills and the awareness regarding a political space helped to bring together large groups of friends and comrades from completely diverse backgrounds- in his school , college and village. They come from Panamattom and Chirakkadavu, small villages near his hometown Ponkunnam, from all over Kerala and Tamil Nadu, who shared their home away from home, MCC, Chennai

Poetry touched his heart while Theatre, Writing and Acting brought out the artist inside. Library wasn't just a place to read but a space to discuss more ideas most importantly to come together to transform those ideas into reality. Abhayan identified with the potential of library movements to bring about Team Work philosophy. Stay as a team, Play as a team

His remarkable contribution was his engagement with the traditions of Madras Christian College where he was a student of BA Journalism in 2009-12. During the period, he infuenced a large number of youngsters in the campus by helping them understand the democratic qualities in the colege constitution and to create a participatory space. As a student of sociology at Madras University campus, he initiated the formation of a unit of Students Federation of India. On 27 May 2013, at the age of 22, Abhayan bid goodbye to the world due to a cardiac arrest.

His friends and comrades decided to continue his selfless activities led by secuar and egalitarian values. ASK(Abhayan Smaraka Kendram) was formed in September 2013 at Ponkunnam, his hometown which will be the headquarters. The Trust will not only be acting as a centre to commemmorate Abhayan, but wil be a centre that helps each individual to develop to his/her creative potentia. It will be 'a part of the conscious efforts to humanize the society' and above all an effort to work beyond all kinds of partisan politics. 

The trust so far conducts a two-day long programme every year consisting of both theory and practices in socia science and theatre taking into account that these two areas deeply interested Abhayan. The event is of get together for his friends and comrades to commemorate him as well as to create discussions on perspectives through sharing experiences of better practices of life. Abhayan Smaraka Kendram also publishes journal/periodicals, award scholarships for library activists through library Council and intervening in protection of environment and a few other similar initiatives.



The members of the First management committee or Trustees shall be the following persons. 

1.Adv. P Vinodji

S/o P.N. Padmanabhan Nair


Ponkunnam P.O.686506


2. A.R.Sindhu

D/o A.R. Ramakrishnan Nair


Sultan’s Bathery P.O.

Bathery Taluk

Wynad District , 673592


3. K Shibu

S/o P.S. Kumaran


Panamattom P.O.

Koorali (via), 686522


4. Avani M.

D/o P. Madhu

Savithri Veed, Attickal

Ponkunnam P.O.



5. P.N. Sojan

S/o P.G. Narayanan Nair


Chirakkadavu East P.O.

Chirakkadavu (Via) 686520


6. B. Sunil

S/o K. Bhaskaran


Chirakkadavu West

Thekkettukavala P.O. , 686519


7. Rajeev S.

S/o P.G. Sudhakaran Nair


Panamattom P.O.

Koorali (via), 686522


8. T.S. Baburaj

S/o Sankaran


Ponkunnam , 686506


9. Arjun Raj

S/o R.P. Rajan


Ponkunnam P.O. 686506


10. Rahul Prasad

S/o Sivaprasad K.R.

Koorumullil, Manthara

Ponkunnam P.O.686506


11. Rajesh P.S.

S/o P.M. Sreedharan


Panamattom P.O.

Koorali (via), 686522


12. P Madhu

S/o P.N. Padmanabhan Nair


Attickal, Ponkunnam P.O.




13. A.R. Meena

D/o A.R. Ramakrishnan Nair


Ponkunnam P.O.



14. A.R. Sabu

S/o A.R. Ramakrishnan Nair


Elikulam P.O.

Poovarani (via) , 686577


15. V.S. Anilkumar

S/o P. Sivaramakurup

Vandankal Mattakkattu

Ponkunnam P.O.686506


16. Binukumar M.P.

S/o M.N. Prabhakara Panicker


Panamattom P.O.

Koorali (Via) 686522


17. Abheesh S.S.

S/o M.S. Sasidharan



Palai, 686575


18. Vevek Kuruvilla Ipe

S/o Ipe T. Kuruvilla


Parampuzha P.O. 686032


19. Nikhila S.

D/o C.A. Ajeer


Pappinisseri West P.O.

Kannur, 670561


20. P. Suseendhira

D/o Mr. M. Palaniswamy

H – 52 Ponvizhanagar

TNAB Unit, Trichy Road

Namakkal District

Tamil Nadu, 637002


21. Adv. Girish S. Nair

S/o K. Sreedharan Nair


Ponkunnam P.O. 686506


b) Appointment and Term of Office
(i) The Members of the Management Commiittee by majority decision elect the Managing Trustee and other office bearers to hold office for a period of five years.

ii) Any member of the Management Committee including the Managing Trustee and other office bearers shall be removed from office by a majority decision of the Management Committee , if such member acts in contravention of the spirit of the Trust . A new member may be nominated to the Management Committee by a majority decision of the Management Committee. Any member who wishes to resign from the Management Committee shall do so by giving one month’s notice in writing to the Committee to that effect.
c) Advisory Board
The trust may also have an Advisory Board consisting of selected members of the Management Committee and other eminent persons from different walks of life . The Advisory Board shall have not more than 11 members. The function of the Advisory Committee shall be to advise and guide the Management Committee. All the decision making shall be the function of the Management Committee. The members of the Advisory Board shall hold office for such period as may be decided by the Managing Committee. They may also resign from their office by giving one month’s notice in writing to the Management Committee.

The Management Committee shall have power to do all acts, deeds, matters and things and to undertake all such activities as would be necessary to carry on all or any of the objectives of the Trust with the following specific powers.

a). To purchase, take on lease, or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any property movable or immovable , including land or building for the purposes of the Trust and make improvements thereto.

b). To sell, exchange, surrender, release, demise, lease, mortgage or dispose of any property movable or immovable either as a whole or in parts at such price and on such terms and conditions as the Board shall think fit in the best interest of the Trust.

c). To cultivate land and, repair, develop and turn to account any building or other assets acquired by the Trust.

d). To appoint or terminate the services of or to determine the terms and conditions of service of the employees of the trust or of the institutions established or run by the Trust.

e). To fix and sanction remuneration, salary, wage, honorarium, payments in any other manner to any person doing work for or employed by the trust or any institution run by the trust.

f). To execute, sign, enter into, acknowledge, perfect and do all such contracts, conveyances, leases or mortgages, transfers, instruments, acts, deeds and things as shall be necessary or may be deemed proper for or in relation to all or any purposes or matters, of the Trust.

g). To invest the funds of the Trust in the manner provided herein, to open and operate bank accounts, to avail loan from any person or institutions, secured or unsecured, and to charge or mortgage properties of the Trust for this purpose.


h). To do all or any of the things to be done in pursuance of any of the purposes of the trust through agents, managers, technical or general staff and contractors as the committee may from time to time think fit.

i). The Management Committee may delegate all or any of the above Powers to the Managing Trustee individually or to any one or more of its members jointly according to the needs of the operations of the trust from time to time.

j). The Management Committee shall have the power to frame separate rules and bye-laws for the management and administration of each of the institutions established and/or run by the Trust.

k). Each of the institutions run by the trust shall have a separate committee of management formed by the respective institutions, which shall function subject to the supervision and control of the Management Committee.

a) The trust may accept donations, grants, subsidy, bequeaths, legacies, fees for services rendered and other forms of contributions in cash or in kind from persons, organizations and government agencies in India or abroad.
b). The funds of the Trust shall be invested in such mode as may be decided by the

Board of Trustees from time to time in any scheduled/nationalized/co-operative Banks or in securities permitted by the Indian Trust Act, 1882 or in purchase of land or building or construction of building for the attainment of the objectives of the trust or in such other mode of investment as may be decided by the Trustees. However the funds of the Trust shall be invested strictly in accordance with the provisions of Section 11(5) read with section 13(1) (b) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

c). The trustees shall have the power to borrow money for and on behalf of the Trust on such terms as they deem fit, for implementing the objects herein mentioned

and provide for or secure the repayment of them by way of mortgage or otherwise on the assets of the Trust, present or future. The trustees shall also advance money to the Trust on such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon.

d) For the purpose of the operations of the Trust, the Trustees shall be entitled to open and maintain accounts with any scheduled or nationalized or co-operative banks. In addition to the Bank accounts in the name of the trust bank accounts in any of the above mentioned banks can be opened in the name of the institutions run by the Trust. These bank accounts shall be operated jointly by the Managing Trustee and one among the President or Treasurer whether in credit or overdrawn.
e) The income of the Trust shall be solely utilized towards the objects of the trust and that the funds and assets shall not be utilized for payment to the Settlor or Trustees by way of profit/interest/dividend.

a). The Management Committee shall maintain or cause to be maintained proper books of accounts and supporting receipts, vouchers and records of the income and expenditure, and assets and liabilities of the trust.

b). The accounts of the trust shall be closed on the 31st Day of March each year and a statement of income and expenditure and the Balance Sheet of the financial position and affairs of the Trust as on that date shall be prepared and placed before the Management Committee within 3 months. The annual accounts shall be got audited by a qualified accountant.

a). The Managing Trustee or any person authorized in this behalf shall convene meeting of the Management Committee at least once in three months by giving intimation/notice a week before the date fixed for the meeting. Nine members or 60 per cent of the total number of Trustees whichever is lower shall form the quorum for the meeting. The meeting shall be presided over by the Managing Trustee or in his absence by any person chosen by the members of the Committee at the meeting.

b). Proper minutes of the meetings of the Management Committee shall be maintained by the Secretary. The minutes of a meeting shall be read and got approved at the subsequent meeting of the Management Committee.

c). The accounts of the Trust for the previous 3 months shall be read and approved at each of the quarterly meetings of the Management Committee.

d). The Advisory Board may meet at such times as may be decided by them.


At any time if the trustees are not able to carry on the activities of the trust on their own or even otherwise if they think fit, they shall hand over/transfer the trust properties to any organization, trust or body of persons with object similar to that of this trust or it shall vest with the government.

The Management Committee shall have power to amend this declaration of Trust as may be decided upon by them. Such amendment shall have effect only with the prior approval of the Commissioner of Income Tax having jurisdiction over the Trust.

The trust shall not carry on any commercial activity with the ultimate motive of making profit and division of profit . The income and assets of the Trust shall be applied only for the charitable activities of the Trust as mentioned in the Object clause and for expansion of the institution(s) run by the trust, and the trustees shall have no power to utillise the same for their personal ends.




BY P. VINODJI ( Settlor )




Board of Patrons

Board of Patrons

  1. K.N.Ganesh

          10/2821, Bilathikulam Housing colony,

          K.P.Kesavamenon Road,

          Calicut – 673006


  1. Parvathidevi

          Mulakkal, Subhash Nagar,


          Triruvananthapuram – 695008


  1. K.Prasad

         Kedaram, Puzhakkarappadam,

         Alinchuvadu, Vennala Post,

         Kochi – 18


  1. Ajayan K.


Kuruvisseri Post,

Via Karapparamba,

Calicut - 673010


  1. J.Thomas

General Manager,


Aristo Junction,



  1. Krishnaprasad

Chandralayam, kalluvayal Road,

Sulthan Bathery Post





  1. Gopakumar

Pavithram, Anikkad West,

Via Anikkad,



Working committee formed on November 12, 2016

Board of Advisers

  1. R.Sagar

Phone: 9447783531


  1. Ponkunnam Syed

Phone: 9446412034


  1. Jaya Sreedhar

Phone: 9447870320


  1. G.Lal

Phone: 9496221740


  1. G.Satheeshchandran

Phone: 944600123


  1. T.Usman (President)

Phone: 9447128793

  1. S.Baburaj (Secratory)

Phone: 9995320252

  1. Mukesh Murali (vice-president)

Phone: 9895100317

  1. Jaya Gopalakrishnan (vice-president)

Phone: 9495163692

  1. Swapna Sojan (Joint-Secretary)

Phone: 9846192890

  1. Gautham (Joint-Secretary)

Phone: 9496592299

  1. Rakesh Prasad

Phone: 9747506893

  1. Bindu Santhosh

Phone: 9744255405

  1. Mohankumar Puzhikkunnel

Phone: 9544586653

  1. Rakesh M.P.

Phone: 9995199545

  1. M.Thankachan

Phone: 9744391551

  1. Sreejith P.S.

Phone: 9497102472

  1. Arun Sankar

Phone: 9961716165

  1. Sheena G. Nadh

Phone: 9495173483

  1. Shyla Shaji

Phone: 9446969506

  1. Maya Rao

Phone: 9744998843

  1. Arundhathi G.

Phone: 9496524960

  1. Sreevidya S.K.

Phone: 9656150270

  1. Aswathi Rao

Phone: 9744998843

  1. Remya Siju

Phone: 9497667380

  1. Sankar S.

Phone: 9846974717

  1. Aswin Raj

Phone: 8086762142

  1. G.Anilkumar

Phone: 9446712535

  1. Amal G.Krishna

Phone: 9447691465

  1. Anzar Akbar

Phone: 7559943669

  1. Abin Joseph

Phone: 9847202241

  1. Vishnu Dayal

Phone: 9847731199

  1. Gautham T.

Phone: 9656395202

  1. Devika Menon

Phone: 8281894822

  1. Hariprasad

Phone: 9947543939

  1. Muraleedharan

Phone: 9446968903

  1. Sethunadh

Phone: 9447145407

  1. Christy Saji

Phone: 9947914733

  1. M.A.Karim

Phone: 9447306505

  1. Ajaylal

Phone: 9446551733

  1. Prasannakumari T.R.

Phone: 9562540212

  1. Sainy Prasannan

Phone: 9544494310





THIS DEED OF DECLARATION OF TRUST executed on the xxxxxxx Day of November 2013 by P. VINODJI, son of P.N. Padmanabhan Nair aged 44 years, advocate, residing at Andumadom, Ponkunnam P.O. , Kottayam Dst. 686506 ( Holder of Electoral Id Card No.xxxxxxxxxxxxx ) hereinafter referred to as the “ Settlor”.
WHEREAS the Settlor is the paternal uncle of late ABHAYAN M., son of P. Madhu, Andumadom, Ponkunnam, who passed away on 27-05-2013.
AND WHEREAS late Abhayan was a youth leader who was active in the social, cultural and literary world of Ponkunnam and neighbourhood, and of Madras Christian College and Madras University and loved and admired by everyone. He was a man of vision and left back many unfulfilled dreams and plans.
AND WHEREAS his neighbours, relatives, friends and comrades who assembled on 14-09-2013 to commemorate him have decided that they should form a Trust to continue the activities cherished by him and to fulfill his dreams and visions.
AND WHEREAS towards this end the Settlor has on this day set apart Rs. 10000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only) contributed by his friends and relatives as Trust Fund and entrusted upon the Trustees the said fund to be used for the activities of the Trust along with any accretions that may arise in future.
The name of the Trust shall be ABHAYAN SMARAKA KENDRAM TRUST (ASK).
The Registered Office of this Trust shall be at Building No. 12, Ward 2, SAVITHRI, Pattupara, Ponkunnam P.O., Kottayam Dst. Kerala, 686506.
This trust shall be an irrevocable Trust.
a) The object of the trust shall be to participate in the conscious efforts to humanize the society and to impart education, to preserve the environment, thereby to improve the standard of living , health, social, economic and cultural status and self esteem especially of the marginalized sections of the society.
For attaining the above objectives the Trust may
b) conduct cultural and artistic programmes.
c) Run educational institutions, centres of performing arts, libraries, reading rooms and social clubs.
d) Publish or circulate periodicals, books, research papers and literary works.
e) Conduct coaching /training or skill development activities and courses and run centres for the same.
f) Organise social service activities.
g) Award scholarships and provide financial assistance and support to needy persons for educational purposes and to institute awards to activists of the library movement.
h) Establish and run old-age homes, orphanages and, homes for the physically and mentally retarded and sick persons.
i) Establish and run crèches, anganvadis, working men/women’s hostels and cooperatives.
j) Implement and execute or aid in the implementation of such projects for promoting women empowerment and socio-cultural activism to foster democratic ideals and to prevent the growth of dehumanizing forces.
This trust shall be a public charitable trust. The benefit of the Trust shall be available to all needy persons irrespective of caste, creed, sex, colour , religion and social status.
The activities of the Trust shall be carried out only in India.
a) Management Committee
The Trust shall be administered and managed by a Committee of Trustees consisting of minimum 11 persons and maximum 25 persons. The Management Committee shall consist of a Managing Trustee, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer or office bearers under any other designation as decided by them. These persona shall be elected by a majority decision of the committee. The Management Committee shall assign duties to persons elected under each designation. DEED OF DECLARATION OF TRUST